Essay The Death Penalty Of The United States

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In the United States, this has been a constant source of controversy for decades. With having no problems when it was first taken place in 1608, the creator never thought of the problems that were yet to come. It was abolished for a short amount of time during the 1900s; but since the reinstatement of the death penalty in the United States in 1976, 138 innocent men and women have been released from death row, including some who came within minutes of execution. In several state across the world, investigations have been opened to determine if those states executed innocent men. To execute an innocent person is morally inhumane, this is why all 50 states should repeal capital punishment. This is a risk we shouldn’t take, by having the death penalty we take that risk every day.
The first set of death penalty laws were established in eighteenth century B.C. and took place in Babylon. Over time, more places started to establish death penalty laws, and at the origin of this punishment you could only kill someone in the case of them murdering a victim. This all started to change around the 1800s. Capital punishment began to go to extremes in all the different ways people could be put to death. There were more coming about as more as more time passed. In 1972, the United States supreme court suspended the imposition of the death penalty; finding it unconstitutional because it was imposed disproportionately on minorities and the poor. ("Death Penalty | Death Penalty Issues | CIP."…

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