Death Penalty: Capital Punishment In The United States

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The justice system of the United States carry different methods of punishment depend on the crime that have been committed. The most heinous crimes could receive the life-sentence or the capital punishment depends on which State that crime has been committed. The capital punishment is the most severe punishment that the justice system could allow. Capital punishment also known as the death penalty is the execution of a convicted felon according to the crime that he has committed, which mostly are considered to be capital crimes or federal crimes. This sentence is often taken by the jury (compose usually of twelve members) at the sentence-trial that follows the trial of the offenders. But is executing an offender the right punishment? By using …show more content…
While the capital punishment seems to be the solution for some judicial problems, it did not however solve any existing issues on the crime committed. Killing a murderer never brings the victim back to live. It is only carry out for the satisfaction of the victims’ family and friends, the justice system, and the society. There are several other ways to punish a felon that does not involve killing him: the life-sentence without the possibility of parole, solitary confinement should be highly considered as alternatives to death penalty. Capital punishment should be called legal murder instead of death penalty, because taking the life of a human being, deprived him of the right to breath is murder, injustice to the convicted felon. Shouldn’t it seen as cruel to let someone know that he would be killed on such and such day by such method? It should be wrong to put condition on someone life and sacrificed them like a ram to please others and feed their blood thirst vengeance? Indeed, it is called vengeance not …show more content…
Anyone that receives a punishment should be able to learn sometimes positive from that punishment. When we punish our kids, we expect the kids to understand the consequences and negative aspects of their behaviors, and therefore should learn not to repeat that same behavior anymore. While giving a criminal the death penalty as punishment, that person has not being punished because they cannot feel anything and have nothing to worry about while being dead. The government and criminal justice system take their time to analyze the case, decide to give the capital punishment, choose the date, time and location where it should be executed. That is premeditated assassination, and that same crime is considered heinous when it is perpetrated by a civilian. By doing such of thing, we are not doing a better job than the convicted

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