Death Penalty: Disputable In The United States

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The use of the Death Penalty has always been disputable in the United States. Race plays a role in who lives and who dies when it comes to the death penalty. The death penalty is given to a person when crimes such as treason, terrorism, espionage, federal murder, large-scale drug trafficking, and attempting to kill a witness, juror, or court officer in certain cases. Some states offer an alternative penalty while others only offer the death penalty. Some may argue that the death penalty is ungodly, expensive, and useless.
Patricia Blackmon the twenty- nine- year old African American Female of Dothan Alabama was sentenced to death after she brutally murdered her two- year- old adopted daughter Dominiqua Bryant. Patricia adopted Dominiqua nine months before she passed away. On May 29, 1999 Blackmon called 911 asking the paramedics to come to her mobile home in Dothan. When paramedics arrived to the scene they found
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The person executing the criminal is just as wrong in god’s eyes the criminal has committed sin and so has the executor. Two wrongs do not make a right no matter what the criminal has done, if he or she did not die while committing the crime then maybe it was not meant for them to die. God knows the path we will walk on the earth he is the one in control. The men and women who deserve the death penalty should only be given life in prison simply because it is ungodly how could a christian practically kill another human being only because he or she broke the law.
With many people being sentenced the death penalty it begins to become expensive. It costs more to execute a person than to keep him or he confined in prison for life. There has been 1,435 executions since 1976 the death penalty is sought cost $1.26 million. In some cases the inmate was innocent, but it may be too late because he or she has already been put to death. Then there is money lost and a life taken away for no

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