Theory Of Capital Punishment

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In the United States there are 36 states that have capital punishment with an extraordinary total of two thousand two hundred and ten convictions awaiting execution. However twenty-three out of the thirty-six state have not executed anyone in quarter century. Of the one hundred and seventeen executions, a high number of seventy-two percent executed even ten percent of those sentenced to death. For instance, in the state of Alabama are one hundred and thirty-four murderers serving life terms without ever getting parole, forty-two are sitting on death row.

According to Carnes , 1989 the attorney general who is in charge of the capital punishment division, stated that society along with the jurors like life without parole because it seem a
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One of the theories of punishment is to punish offenders to discourage or deter people from committing crimes. On the other hand disciplinary theory seeks to punish offenders because they deserve to be punished. Another reason behind the theory of punishment is that the law should work in the favor of the citizens, in trying to keep them happy. Although crime and punishment are two in one, with happiness, they ought to be kept at a minimum. I wish we could have a crime free society, but of course that does not exist. Nevertheless our justice system should only inflict only amount punishment to prevent or deter future …show more content…
I accept if a man take somebody life purposefully without due care then they should not proceed with their. Nonetheless, in circumstances when a life is lost due a mishap, perhaps an existence shouldn 't be taken away, yet there still ought to be discipline given to fulfill the wrongdoing. Something else I indifference about our criminal justice system, take too long in carrying out these punishments. If the evidences is clear, of a person killing another, good they are scented to death, why drawn out the execution, get on with the discipline. Instead of drawing it out for additional 20 years. Why waste tax payer dollars for court, legal representation, and besides have the surviving family endure the hold up of accepting justice. Is it reasonable to the individuals that this criminal hurt and brought agony

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