Inconsistencies In The Justice System Essay

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Inconsistencies in the Justice System
Why does the justice system have different penalties for the same crime? Why should money be allowed to persuade the severity of the punishment? Both of these questions have a lot to do with the inconsistencies of the courts and the questioning of their decisions. The Huffington Post came out with an article that was titled “Men sentenced to longer prison terms than a woman for the exact same crime.” If a person does the same crime as someone else, they should get the same sentence regardless of gender, race, or the amount of money they may have which also seems to alter the amount of time they spend after a wrongdoing. This is a problem because race, economic status, and fame should not get someone any special treatment. Why is the justice system like this and what can the system do to change this? A way this can change is to limit bias through activities to help juries in order to create a fair trial in all criminal cases.
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Inconsistencies in the justice system are what causes many problems in the society. An individual deserves a complete and ethical punishment based on the level of austerity of the crime. The justice system must realize they are dealing with someone’s life, and how the system goes about that must be taken into deep thought because whatever it may be will affect that person and possibly affect that person for life, for example, a felony that will never come off a record. It’s not fair that money and fame can persuade a juror to give someone an easy sentence. It has been proven that celebrities get out of their crimes too easy. Lindsey Lohan got a one-day sentence from driving while intoxicated and on cocaine. She did even have to serve her punishment (Lofgren). The justice system has become unfair and it is a

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