Death Penalty Effective Essay

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Is Death Penalty Effective? When we talk about death penalty there is no black or white answer. Someone’s life is very valuable and to take the decision to take it away is a big responsibility. Those who committed crimes should pay the consequences, and they should be proportional to the crime. Individuals should be judged by their actions. They should have all the evidence necessary to determine if the individual is guilty or not. There should be no doubt that the person committed the crime, because after executing them there is no option to go back. The death penalty has not been proven to lower the crime levels, but it promotes and increases violence. Capital punishment is expensive and not very efficient. It should not be used unless is an extreme case and the …show more content…
Back then, people were executed because of stealing grapes, denying God, cutting trees down or killing chickens. Laws were severe, strict and not very clear. They were modified depending on the prisoner’s social status, the crime and the laws from each colony. America was greatly influenced by Britain on the use of death as a punishment. United States used death penalty for several decades, executing people for committing the least serious crimes, until the 1700’s when the abolitionist movement started in Europe. Because of the Theories of “Montesquieu, Voltaire and Bentham, and English Quakers John Bellers and John Howard, and 1767 when Cesare Beccaria 's essay, On Crimes and Punishment” (Part I) that most parts of the world decided to take action. Americans used Beccaria´s manuscripts about the state having power to take people’s lives, to reform death penalties. From over a list of 222 crimes that were punished with execution the list became shorter and shorted; eventually only used for murder and

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