The Death Penalty Is Cruel Essay

1989 Words Dec 14th, 2015 8 Pages
Seeing a person that is just about to be killed in front of many people will bring fear to many want to be murder criminals and it will stop people from committing a murder crime. Many people say that capital punishment or also known as the death penalty brings fear and scares everyone that they should not commit a murder crime. Reason for the death penalty is so that it will stop the people from committing crime and that is exactly what the death penalty has done. Capital Punishment can be perceived greatly effective since the rate of murder in states that have the death penalty are slowly decreasing and the murder rates in states that don’t have the death penalty are going up, ever since the reinstatement of the death penalty the murder rate has gone down by two-thirds.

Many people say that the death penalty is inhuman and that is should no longer be executed since all that the death penalty is just shedding more blood and is just causing more death. People say that the death penalty is cruel when they find out how the inmates are being killed the inmates used to be killed by the electrocution chair or by the gas chamber but now a days inmates are being killed by lethal injection. There are two types of lethal injection there is the one that could kill a man with a single injection or there could be the lethal injections were it kills the inmate after a series of shots or injections by the lethal injection. One case why many people think that the lethal injection…

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