Death Punishment: The Case Of The Death Penalty

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Dealing with the loss of a family member or loved one is already one difficult thing. However, it is as if a domino effect is taking place when the “universe” is disrupted by the troubles. From one person to another, how can we deal with the victims’ families when they’re in pain dealing with their loss? For example, taking the case of the parents of the victim, Faith Hathaway, I believe that they are better served by not given the possibility of the death penalty of the murderer. Simply because I find the “death penalty method” inhumane and ridiculous. It is as if you are punishing the murderer by murdering him. It is completely hypocritical when you are trying to “serve justice” by killing someone who killed someone else. “We kill people …show more content…
Not only will families receive a free support group to grieve about their loved ones. But also support groups will be beneficial to those wanting to express their thoughts and emotions through a confidential way. Why waste taxpayer money to prologue the trial for death penalty, but use it towards something good and beneficial to the society. Also taking into fact with the Hathaway’s case, they would be better served by not given the option of the death penalty because there are other and better ways that they can cope with the loss such as the support groups. Therefore, I believe that it is appropriate for Mr. LeBlanc to be scheduling a meeting with the murderer 's mother as long as he is respectful and considerate of her feelings of what she is also going through. By talking to the parents, they can have a better understanding of each other views and expresses their condolences. Through the use of communication between the families they can come to an agreement to what they believe is the right thing to do. People are never rational when something tragic happen, but with a little bit of time people will learn to forgive. By meeting with Mr. LeBlanc and having society invest the money that is supposed to go to execution into support groups, it will not only benefit the society as a whole but also bring closure to the victim’s

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