Mark Klaas Arguments Against The Death Penalty

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In 2012, a man named Mark Klaas was interviewed about how he felt after the man who kidnapped and murdered his daughter, was executed. His response was that he was disappointed that it had to come to that, but satisfied that justice had been fulfilled. Mark now knows that the man that killed his twelve year-old, will never cause harm to anyone else. But what if the court had decided that it was not a "heinous" murder? Closure is what the death penalty brings to many hurting families, which is why the death penalty should be allowed in any murder cases where someone was proven guilty.

The court's job is to decide if a murder is considered heinous, but all murders should be seen as atrocious and thus treated the same. I agree with Alex Kozinski,
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When students do not study, they get bad grades. When people drive too fast they, get a ticket. The price for murder should be execution. The Southern Baptist Convention stated that they, "... support the fair and equitable use of capital punishment by civil magistrates as a legitimate form of punishment for those guilty of murder or treasonous acts that result in death." The quote not only supports capital punishment, but it also says that it is "fair and equitable". The price of someone taking another's life, should be having theirs taken also.

More families like Mark Klaas' will be able to get closure if the death penalty proceeds for all murders. Dismissing the death penalty would lead to families living in constant fear and never being able to move forward with their lives. The Los Angeles Airport Peace Officers Association said it like this, "Giving up on the death penalty would mean giving up on justice for crime victims and their families." By widening the criteria for capital punishment, more families will be able to feel closure. Families will let go of what has happened, and move forward without ever hearing the name of that murderer

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