The Death Penalty, Gun Control Laws And Pro Choice Essay

1571 Words Dec 12th, 2016 7 Pages
Everyday men and women debate over controversial topics like; medically assisted suicide, the death penalty, gun control laws, or even where to eat dinner. These topics are ones that once your personal opinion is set it is hard to change, just like abortion laws. Being pro-life or pro-choice is an opinion that some may not understand or respect. But how they came about doesn’t change and who made these amendments still stands. No matter your stance, no matter your gender, the majority of society can agree that a person has a right to their own opinion, to their own thoughts, and to their own body. You can pierce your own body, you can tattoo your own body, but it is not unanimous that every women has a right to her own body when it comes to abortion. This idea has changed over time just like any other. There are questions that don’t always get clear up or directly answered when talking about abortion. What is abortion? What has been the change over time? Why is it okay to alter facts about abortion and Planned Parenthood to one 's own benefit? Why have politicians gotten the privilege to create laws for women all over? And why does it matter what gender makes the decision on your behalf? Throughout history the stance on abortion has changed, going from pro-life to pro-choice and constantly changing with the new opinions of the up and coming generation, but on thing that has always stayed the same, that is the textbook definition of abortion. The definition of abortion is…

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