The Death Of The United States Essay

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On January 18th, 2015, Stanford University student Brock Turner raped 22-year-old women named Emily Doe. What seemed like an ordinary day for Emily and Brock turned into the day they would never forget. As the report states “they found the victim on the ground, in a fetal position, behind a garbage dumpster. She was breathing but unresponsive. Her dress was pulled up to her waist. Her underwear was on the ground; her hair disheveled and covered with pine needles” (Sanchez, 2016). The process for her justice took over a year to establish. Even with the trial over the sentencing for the perpetrator was six months in prison with probation. Within California law under Penal Code 261, it states that “the punishment for rape in California includes three, six or eight years in California state prison and if the alleged victim was a minor, the minimum sentence is seven years...and the maximum is thirteen years” (California Rape Law). The ruling for this case represents the injustice that takes place when linked with a crime such as sexual assault. This is described as rape culture the connotations of the term represent a pervasive and normalized societal attitude among gender and sexuality ( Essentially we have learned to accept rape as part of our dynamic and undermine its severity. This is the problem within our society to change the concept of rape culture we must take action through educating the younger generation along with standing up and speaking out.…

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