The Death Of The Teenage Years Essay examples

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One of the best time in one’s life is the teenage years. During this time love is discovered along with the true meaning of friendship. In many cases being a teen can be difficult because everything that is done or said is driven by emotions. Emotions are hard to deal with during those years and they can cause a traumatic changes in life if they are not controlled properly. That is what happened to three particular teenagers who seek to be accepted by their peers, who needed to feel love and were neglected at home. These teens’ names are Evan Ramsey, Jacob Davis and T.J. Solomon. They are three teenagers who open fire in consecutive years at school ground, killing and/or wounding their own classmates and teachers. Evan Ramsey was the first one out of the three killers to strike first. He open fire at his school in Bethel, Alaska in 1997. During the act, one of the student from the school died along with the principal who tried to stop Ramsey. These two murders granted him a sentence of 210 years in a maximum security prison in his home state, Alaska. During an interview with ABC news Ramsey quoted that he brought a shotgun to school “to check out [and] to commit suicide” (Rage). Ramsey’s actions are not justifiable, but the unfortunate series events happening in his life drove him to become a killer. He grew up without the good role model since his father was incarcerated and his mother’s alcoholism caused the breakage of his family. Ramsey and his brother were sent to…

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