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In Little Brother, the main character Marcus is disrespectful for example his principal, since when is in trouble, “ [they] stared at each other across the desk. [The principle] clearly expected [Marcus] to fold the second he dropped the bomb on [him]. [He didn’t]” (Doctorow 4). Marcus does not feel the need to lower his eyes in respect of facing higher authority. Although, as life changes for Marcus he begins to realize that life is more than just technology, and having more power than everyone else, as he has always desired to know more than everyone else “[by] crawling the Xnet blogs, looking for more accounts of the DHS searching people” (Doctorow 94), which is a driving reason to why he despises the government. In the end of the story …show more content…
Through this growth, Marcus is able to stand strong and do what is right resulting in him being able to cleanse his previous guilt of comprising the school system and the truth of his actions. Therefore, Marcus clearly uses his life wisely as through his progress in change, he is able to snatch his life in accordance with what he wishes and turn it around to make a positive life and a superhero for many hurt victims. Furthermore, Oedipus is another example from Oedipus the King of a character who after flourishing as a person throughout the story, is able to do what he believes is right. Oedipus in the beginning of the text exemplifies as an arrogant individual as he cannot accept the fact that he, the King, is able to commit any criminal offence. After clear evidence was presented, Oedipus came to the conclusion that he was the killer of this own father. He gave up all his self respect and pride which is difficult for any individual to succumb to as no one wants to be the murder of their own

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