The Death Of The Heart Attack Essay

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Did you know that there is a murderer around us? The number one killer in most countries is a heart attack. It growing in recent years, and it creeps toward young people. Whereas, from several years ago we have watched a heart attack infect people in the sixties and seventies, it is now infecting people in the twenties. Also in all age groups, men are more at risk of heart attack than women, but if women reached menopause, they may be equal with men in incidence because estrogen has been the protector of the heart, and it will be cut off after menopause. A heart attack can define as a severe disease treats life. It happens when the blood is present as a result of a blockage of the coronary arteries, leading to damage or death of the heart muscle. The person who gets heart attack has to feel of weakness, sweating, respiratory distress, and chest pain. The factors that cause the disease could be external or from other diseases, and it has many effects on the patient’s life.

The external causes of a heart attack include obesity, old age, and smoking. Obese have a high level of fat and bad cholesterol (LDL) in their bodies, the fat can accumulate in the wall of arteries, so the heart does not supply by rich oxygen blood. In addition, in recent years, obesity had spread in young people, which led to increasing the proportion of heart attack. Also, when people become older the arteries of their heart become weaker and lose some of its efficiency. Alcoholism increases the risk…

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