The Death Of Caesar By Barry Strauss Essay

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“The Death of Caesar” by Barry Strauss, tells the story of history’s most famous assassination, the assassination of Julius Caesar. Caesar was a military dictator and in line for the crown until the Ides of March 44 B.C. when he was betrayed by his best friend and murdered. This was result of a civil war in Rome.
As Caesar began to gain power he became an obvious threat to the Roman Republic. Caesar was loved by the people but not by the higher ups in Rome, who feared his rise of power (Shmoop). People of Rome had abandoned their work to celebrate Caesar. During this time in the Roman Republic, anyone’s rise in power from the people was viewed as a threat. However, Caesars death results in a Roman Civil War. If you think about power in our society today, power makes people jealous, and jealousy in people is a very dangerous thing. As someone gains power, there will always be those who like it and always those who do not. Power is a dangerous thing to those who have it. The fact is if you hold the amount of power Caesar did, most of the time you will not be liked.
Another main theme of the book is that of fate and free will. Cassius says to Brutus as they are considering the removal of Caesar from power, “Men at some time are masters of their fate: The fault, dear Brutus is not in our stars, but in ourselves, as we are underling’s.” (Shmoop). By saying “masters of their fates” Cassius is trying to convince Brutus that murdering Caesar is the right thing to do and that he…

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