Essay about The Death Of A Kidney Transplant

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Imagine a child in a hospital bed diagnosed with a deadly disease that has targeted one of his kidneys. The only hope he has is for a kidney transplant, but unfortunately for him, he has just been placed at the bottom of a very long waiting list. His parents are willing to pay anything to keep their child alive. This includes thousands of dollars for dialysis machines, hospital care, and, if it ever comes around, a kidney transplant. According to award winning medical writer, Richard Knox, in an article he wrote for National Public Radio, only about one in four Americans will survive long enough to receive a kidney transplant. Also, every year 1,200 people’s names are taken off the list each year because they become too ill to survive a transplant. (Knox). Though that may seem bad, but when viewing this from a global lens, it is even worse. Alex Tabarrok state in a Wall Street Journal article that millions around the world are suffering from kidney disease, but in 2007 there were only 64,606 kidney transplants (Tabarrok). Statistically, the chances of the list reaching this child’s name is very low and it is hard to argue that that he doesn’t deserve a chance at life. Kidneys are not the only organ that people need though. The Department of Motor Vehicles state that there are currently about 123,000 people waiting on some kind of organ in America. Sadly, 21 of these people die each day. Another person is added to the waiting list every 10 minutes. This translates to about…

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