The Death Of A Father Daughter Bond Essay

1988 Words Nov 7th, 2015 8 Pages
I’m sure your expecting to hear the same typical story that’s been told millions of times, about the girl whose father is not in her life whether it’s because he simply left or because he passed away. I want to say this IS one of those stories. This is the story about the predictable fatherless girl who continues her young life lost and searching for that missing fatherly love. That’s me. I have no shame in saying that what so ever, BUT I also must say that this is more than just a predictable story. This is MY Predictable story. “Every girl needs her father.” “There is nothing like a father-daughter bond” Cliché terms we have all heard before but THEY ARE TRUE! No matter how many stories I cram into this entry, no matter how many poems I cite of mine, they will never be able to describe the physical, emotional, and mental damage that I have encountered within the 9 years without my father. Growing up our bond was beyond close. I was practically his twin. I was born on his birthday. Everything we did we did together. He was more than a father, he was a friend to me. He was my first true love. He wrote music and I sang along. The day before my father passed away My last words to him was “Don’t do anything bad.” The next morning my mom got a phone call and they told her that my dad had been in a car accident and he passed away. From that point on everything changed.
I had no idea what trust or love was. I was never taught communication skills or self worth and self…

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