The Death Of A Car Accident

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“Your wife has been in a car accident,” was all I heard, replaying over and over again. I was frozen until my attention was forced to focus on my Dad taking the phone from me. Mum got up from the table and put her hand in mine as it trembled uncontrollably. They drove me to the hospital, a drive that seemed interminable.
“Scarlett Collins? She was involved in a car accident. I’m her husband, Charlie Collins. Can I see her please?”
The lady at the desk searched for her on the computer and once she told me the room, my feet launched down the corridors until I reached the ward she was on.
She lay there, her small face pale and I could see that the accident had left her with cuts and scratches. I walked in and reached for her hand. The doctor came in a few minutes later and sat beside me.
“Your wife, Scarlett, hit her head during the car accident and is being kept in a comatose state, as her CT showed intracranial haemorrhaging. This just allows the brain to heal itself as the swelling subsides.”
Her words evaporated into the air. I couldn’t stop looking at Scarlett. I forced myself to focus on the doctor’s words again, tears forming in my eyes. I turned to the doctor as she got up from her chair. “Thank you,” I said, feeling my voice crack as I turned to look at Scarlett again.
Once the doctor had left, I kissed Scarlett’s forehead and caressed her cheek. She looked so peaceful but I was in turmoil: I had no clue where or what I would be without her. I pulled the chair

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