The Day That Changed My Life Essay

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I trace my fingers across the crumpled photograph and sigh. I vividly remember that day. That one dreadful day that turned my life around. The day that made my already miserable life a living hell. The day that brought me where I am, sitting and sighing on the porch of this foster home. Instead of laughing with my friends and not caring about a thing; like a teenager should.
With an obnoxious sound, my alarm clock startled me awake, forcing me to face reality once again. I groaned and stood up, yawning and rubbing the remains of sleep from my eyes. I went into my autopilot morning routine, yet I was distracted by the memories of the previous night.
‘are you gonna tell them soon?’ I read the text message from my friend Jayden. Just as I was about to reply, another one came in. ‘if at all.. i guess..’
‘i dont know. i havent really thought about it as much as i should. why?’
‘was just asking. i think you should.’
‘why does it concern you?’
‘because youre my friend and i care about you. youre binding your chest with bandages and you know how dangerous that is. youre mood worsens when youre referred to as Alyssa. youre unable to make anymore friends. i know i will never understand but it must be so hard for you. i think it would be good.’
‘and how exactly would i do that? “oh hey, mom, dad, im not your daughter, im your son.”’
‘no i didnt mean like that. i meant like explain it to them and tell them how you feel.’
‘you say it as if its something simple. you know how my…

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