Essay about The Day Is Not An Important Thing

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Michael J. Fox said it best: “Family is not an important thing. It 's everything.” Family time isn’t something to take for granted and it is definitely worth a fight. The early opening of stores for Black Friday deals on Thanksgiving day is a problem because it’s destroying the meaning of Thanksgiving by; taking employees and shoppers away from family and the holiday meals. Many workers can’t celebrate Thanksgiving the way it was intended to be. Black Friday isn’t just becoming a nationwide holiday, but it’s taking over Thanksgiving too.The Huffington Post reported that sixteen percent of employees will work on Thanksgiving, and 20 percent of households making less than 80,000 dollars a year say that one or more of their family members will work on Thanksgiving day. Bob Greene of challanges readers to answer the following questions: “When people, as they grow older, remember the best holidays of their lives, is it some discounted gift that they recall with warmth and fondness? Some deal that they found? Or is it the family members and loved ones with whom they spent the holiday time?” Stores opening on Black Friday doesn’t only keep employees of retailers away from their families but it also takes those away who may feel the need to shop Black Friday deals to get their loved ones presents that they may not regularly be able to afford. A math Professor at Rowan University estimated that 32% of shoppers plan on spending $501 or more, while 38% plan to spend $1 to $250…

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