Black Friday

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The decision I made to not shop on the most shopped on day in the US, was an interesting one. I’ve always thought Black Friday was something that shouldn’t be as advertised as it is, I went only one year and after that I have never went again. It had nothing to do with Black Friday itself. But, waiting in long lines for something that is probably going to be on sale again isn’t something that I find enjoyable. Now, since they also start Black Friday on Thanksgiving, it makes me not want to do it even more so. I don’t like that they started that. The conversations I had with others about it, because I did get a lot of invites to go, was appalled. They didn’t understand my decision, they didn’t understand why I didn’t want to shop on Black Friday. Most of the people I told were my family and friends, they were the ones that were most excited about the day itself. They didn’t understand why I didn’t want to take advantage of the deals. That was the …show more content…
I mostly made the decision to do this because of the women like in Bananeras, women that have to work 7 days a week and 24 hours. Maybe not quite that much, but it’s in a sense how I felt when I read their stories. They have to work almost every day and we spend our day shopping for deals. It’s like a war on Black Friday, people fight and push and will do anything to get what they went out there for. We’re spending our days fighting, when people are working all day. It’s something to think about, especially with the poll taxes as well. This was in a film we watched, but Africa has to pay poll taxes that they can barely pay and here we are fighting over a new TV. Things are interesting and the way we do things are interesting, I think we should reevaluate a lot of the things we do. But, who am I to even say anything about it. The US survives on things like Black Friday, that’s when most businesses make their

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