The Day I Became A Mother Essay

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The day I became a mother

The hardest thing any parent could hear their sixteen year old child say "Mom....Dad, I think I 'm pregnant." It was one of the toughest things I ever had to do (so I thought I did), was to tell my parents that I was pregnant. My fiance and I were terrified to tell both of our parents, we didn 't know what their reaction was going to be. August 1, 2012 was the day I officially found out I was pregnant and how many weeks I was; I was just turning 5 weeks. My mom was shocked by the news, but she supported me all the way in my decision that I was going to take.

My decision was to keep my child and Manuel supported my decision also. After we made the decision our parents decided that it would be better if we moved in together. So I did a week after we talked about it, I was scared, but it was nice because we both were going to go through this experience together.

The day came for my first sonogram, I was beyond excited because I finally got to hear my baby 's heartbeat. Once we got to the doctor we were both nervous we didn 't know what to expect, then I get called in. while we are waiting for the doctor to see me, I start to look around the room and I start to see all the stages of the pregnancy. It amazed me to see a human being can hold a tiny human being inside her body and how much a baby grew every week. finally my doctor came in and the sonogram began once I heard my child 's…

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