Narrative Essay About Being Judged

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No matter what, every single day somebody is being judged and labeled. Whether or not a person is overweight, underweight, mentally challenged, we are all being judged. Furthermore, growing up in a conservative, white, Christian family, has taught me many things about how I am expected to act, as well as which actions are acceptable or unacceptable. My culture and religious views molded me into believing that it was acceptable to judge others and be intolerant of different groups of people. In my family, you were expected to wait until married to have sex, then it was appropriate to have a child. I knew this and never thought I would be the young teen in church walking around with a big belly. But, when I was 18 I found out I was pregnant, out of wed-lock. This has changed my outlook on life and how I view people, I no longer judge people for what they are going through if life.

Being pregnant at 18 was very interesting. Early on I was scared, of how
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If you 're having pre-marital sex, don 't try to shun another woman because she got pregnant. Yes, we all would prefer that the baby 's welcomed into a married household, but it doesn 't always happen. We are all are far from perfect, life throws us bumps in the road but we need to love and support each other regardless of our cultural views.

Focusing on my life and what I need to do to be the best me I can be has been my goal. Having a child at a young age has been difficult but has also been very rewarding. My family still loves me and has accepted and no longer resents me for the decision I had made. Being pregnant had really opened my eyes on how I perceived people pre-pregnancy. Woman who are pregnant are emotional and in need of love and support. Everyone has bumps in the road on their journey through life, we need to embrace ourselves and others and help to better our

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