The Day I Accepted My Lord Jesus Christ As My Personal Savior

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There are various experiences that people face in their lives. Some events would not affect your life very much. However, other events could change a person’s whole life, such as getting married, or losing a dear one. I believe that every person has experienced a life changing event, which has changed them and made them who they are today. Everyone needs some kind of spark their life from time to time to remind them of what he or she is really living for. I had stumbled in many situations before in my life and they have affected me, but the most important event in my life was the day I accepted my Lord, Jesus Christ as my personal Savior.
I was born and raised in a Christian home with two wonderful parents. Every night, they read Bible stories to my sister and I and prayed before we went to bed. So from birth, I claimed to be a Christian. Though I was a “Christian”, I didn’t know God. Truthfully, I only knew of God, and I didn’t understand what He actually did for us. My faith was basically what my parents and Sunday school teachers had taught me. They taught me that God loved and protected me. Also, they told me that Heaven was a good place and Hell was well...not so much, and in order to get to heaven and was by believing in Jesus. This made me think that if I was a Christian, I did not have to go to Hell. I knew I wanted to be in Heaven just like everyone else does.
Every Saturday and Sunday, I always attended church meetings, but I never took it seriously. I never took…

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