Essay on The Day Club Was Dark

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The walk home from the local football club was dark. Simple as that. It was a clear winter night, and there was no moon in the sky. The only relief from the darkness was the occasional streetlight. The cold air was refreshing on my body, warm from the copious amount of alcohol I had consumed tonight. Georgia wasn’t going to be happy. She thinks my drinking is a bad influence on the kids. She doesn’t want them to grow up like me. That’s always a comforting thing to hear from your wife. I know it isn’t exactly me she has a problem with. Georgia has always loved me, and probably always will. It was my friends, specifically the drug dealer next door. I wasn’t doing any hard drugs, well not really; it wasn’t like I was out doing meth or anything every night. I just need the occasional break from Georgia. I’m not exactly a great husband. However, she can’t argue I’m not a good father, after all, the only reason I married her was so my daughter wouldn’t grow up without a father like I did.
I finally turn onto my street. It was after 11pm on a Friday night, but the suburbs are always quite after the sun goes down. I can see the lights on in my house, they shouldn’t be. Brianna is only 6 years old and she would’ve gone to bed hours ago, Lucas is spending the night at a friend’s place, and Georgia doesn’t usually wait up for me. A fight is coming. That’s the only reason she would wait. I sighed and made my way through the gate and to the door. It was locked. Now this was unusual;…

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