The Day Celebration Of Thanksgiving Essay

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Most years the celebration of Thanksgiving takes place at my house with my spouse, his family, my family members, and our three children. There is about twelve to fourteen people at Thanksgiving in total. Towards the end of the evening, after everyone has eaten, and things are winding down, my mother, sister, and I pass out holiday ornaments to all of our guests. The holiday ornament is picked out specific to each person, so everyone gets a different holiday ornament that represents them. The ornaments are wrapped in holiday bags with tissue paper. All at once, we kind of gather around as a group and hand out the packages. Next, we kind of open the gifts all at once together as a group. Everyone is usually pretty excited at this point. They probably know to expect this gift exchange every year at this point. And after everyone has opened their holiday ornament gift, we spend time as a group, seeing what new ornament each person got that year for Christmas. I remember starting the traditional sometime around middle school. That would be about fourteen years ago. Originally, it was just my mom, sister, and I who did the ornament exchange on Thanksgiving, because that was everyone in our small family. My mom would give us new ornaments as gifts on the night of Thanksgiving. Usually, my mom, sister, and I are responsible for buying all of the ornaments. We divide up who we want to shop or buy ornaments from our family group. One of us may say, "Oh, I found the perfect…

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