Essay On South Family Traditions

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The South takes part in ample traditions, which are normally family traditions where I am from. Since the holidays are coming up, people see more of these traditions due to the time of the year. In “A Christmas Memory,” Buddy and his cousin cut down a Christmas tree and decorate it together. In many towns in the South, there are Christmas tree farms. If one has ever been to a Christmas tree farm, one will see all of the families coming to cut down their tree. There are also traditions for other holidays around here. The South has many traditions, new or old. Southern people love their traditions and will do their best to keep them going through the family as long as they can. Not only does the South enjoy Christmas, but Thanksgiving is also a big holiday. Southern families will traditionally bring turkey, ham, devilled eggs, cranberry sauce, and a variety of other foods. If there is no turkey on the thanksgiving table, people will wonder where it is and say things like, “It isn’t Thanksgiving without turkey!” Southern families will traditionally have sweet tea in their homes, especially when the holidays come around each year. When it is time for a family holiday, it calls for almost the entire family to show up. Since it is Christmas time, the Southern people will cover their houses in lights, put the Christmas tree up with decorations, and …show more content…
One could walk in someone else’s home on Christmas morning and will immediately be offered a cup of sweet tea or coffee. Southern hospitality goes a long way, especially when one is trying to make new friends or when they are trying their hardest to welcome the family and to make them feel comfortable. Parents in the South are known to teach their children to be polite; this is one of those traditions that is meant to keep going throughout the family

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