Essay about The Data For Numbers Of Users

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The original data for numbers of users is based on the Office of National Statistics and represents an even spread of the numbers throughout the year as mentioned before there are some monthly variations though not enough to make a significant different. Overall a prudent approach has been applied to the financial numbers. Income will be driven by the number of subscribers attracted to the app and those converting to a paid subscription. A very conservative retention has been assumed as shown by the chart below:
The growth in paying subscribers is modest and includes subscribers for all products. At this stage the model ignores any foreign sales but recognises that in a global marketplace there will be women from outsie the UK who will wish to subscribe. The income stream is split between the monthly subscription income and the number of wearable devices sold by the company. Sales of wearable devices is considered an important income stream particularly for those mothers at risk. In the early years this income stream will be miminal.
A conservative approach to market penetration has been assumed which is line with the marketing predictions.
The analysis of the total poluation and penetration rates are shown below. 2016 is the launch period with 2017 representing the first full year of operation. Penetration rates for paying cutomers are forecast to start at 5.5% and conservatively reach 6.7% by 2020.
Penetration Rates
Year 2016 2017 2018 2019 2020
Year end 31-Dec-16…

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