The Dangers Of Underage Drinking Essay

1013 Words May 15th, 2015 null Page
There is a problem in our country and it is underage drinking. In this essay I will be talking about teenage alcoholism, how it is dangerous, the risks, and how to detect if your child is drinking. There are many dangers to drinking at a young age and it is also illegal. Alcohol is considered a drug because it reduces a person’s ability to think. All states have underage drinking problems and drinking and driving it is a growing problem in the United States. Teenage Alcoholism is when people under the legal age drink alcohol. The issue with this is that young people drink and their bodies have not fully developed and the alcohol damages the future growth. Teens don’t have good judgement when they drink because their mind is clouded by the alcohol. There are many risks when drinking such as death, serious injury, and unprotected sex. People that are affected by underage drinking is anyone that drinks and is underage. Teenage drinking is done by every race, gender, and almost every age group. According to “Harvard Health” the average age a boy tries alcohol is age eleven and for a girl it is age thirteen. These ages show that children are trying alcohol when they are most likely in junior high and that is when they are close to high school kids and are trying to fit in. Underage drinking is not only a problem in the United States it is a problem in every country. The reason is that if one child has seen his or her parent drinking, then they think it’s okay then they get…

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