The Dangers Of The Drinking Age And The Drinking Age

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A group of teenagers are starting high school the next day, and they are nervous they won’t fit in. They consult an older sibling, and he replies, and assuages their fears, by saying that they should drink a couple of beers before school; after all, that;s the cool thing to do. The fourteen year olds listen to the eighteen year old big brother, and they start their high school career with high hopes, fantastic dreams, and horrible hangovers. Flash forward to junior year, AP Exams are coming up and the SAT is looming in their immediate futures. The same group of nervous seventeen year olds turn to partying and drinking to get their minds off the daunting tasks ahead of them, and they lose themselves in the amber liquid courage and shiny red …show more content…
It is a solid, scientific fact that the human braining is not finished developing at 18, and in fact it is not finished developing until sometime between 21 and 25 years old. Brain development isn’t just the wiring of neurotransmitters and electrical pathways, but the creation of a person. Their personality, their memories, and their emotions, they are all being developed and manifested to become a wonderful, intelligent, and independent member of American society. Alcohol is a silent poison coursing through the brain, crushing beautiful palaces of emotion and treasured memories. However, the dangers of underage drinking are not limited solely to the person who is responsible for irresponsible drinking. Another symptom of overindulging in alcohol is fetal alcohol syndrome (FAS) and it is what causes lifelong disabilities for children born to parents who drank frequently (ALC). FAS causes microcephaly, or causes the child have a physically smaller brain than the average healthy child. Consequently, breaking the law and drinking before the age of 21 does not solely affect the drinker, but also their future family as well. An important fact to consider while examining the facts about drinking and its consequences is that more every negative symptom of drinking, it is tenfold if the drinker is underage. Memory loss is more devastating, liver diseases are more likely, and holes in the brain become larger and more impactful. While many researchers claim that brain damage is the most harmful of the symptoms of drinking, liver disease is equally as damaging. According to the National Institute of Alcohol and Alcoholism, “Hepatic encephalopathy can cause changes in sleep patterns, mood, and personality; psychiatric conditions such as anxiety and depression; severe cognitive effects such as shortened attention span; and problems with coordination such as a flapping or shaking of the hands

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