Essay on The Dangers Of National Football League

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Throughout the course of the years, football has been a widely known sport that has captivated the attention of several viewers. Yet, audiences are oblivious to the actual dangers of American football. National football league players are susceptible to brain trauma as a result of the menacing plays that occur during the game. Despite the fact that the National Football League has attempted to donate millions in hopes of making the negative side comments and lawsuits disappear, it cannot dismiss the fact that it is utterly responsible for the catastrophic injuries that football players have had to endure. Although football fans are fascinated by the aggressiveness of the sport and the dangerous tackles that occur they fail to notice what actually occurs outside of the field. Players are essentially deprived of honest information because the National Football League fails to advise the players that recurrent concussions can cause severe brain trauma. Something more needs to be done in order to prevent football injuries, because it has caused several deaths as a result of its brutal tactics, affected the mental disposition of several players, and to guarantee the future of football for everyone that wants to play and enjoy it. Football is a contact sport that is brutally physical and involves head on collisions between the opposing players as a traditional play of the game. Of course, fans have grown fond of the traditional plays that occur on the field and are not…

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