The Dangers Of Horror Movies

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If one were to go the movies on any given day, it 's highly likely that they 'll see a plethora of people in attendance, waiting to see a movie as well. As they walk deeper into the building and get into the theaters, they 'll see people hailing from different cultures and seeing different movies, but they 're all there for the same reason: to escape into a dreamland. Everybody has a predilection on what genre(s) of films are the most appealing, but regardless of their preference, you can find them all cramming into a theater, trying to find the best seat to watch the newest movie. Despite popular belief, movie genres such as comedy, adventure and action, horror, and romance movies can tell you about the audience that it lures in.

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Whether it 's a serial killer murdering camper in bivouac or a fantasy monster devouring souls, the viewers appear to see a film that will capture their interest with gore and disgusting visuals that not all everyone is able to to enjoy. There are many theories on why some prefer horror movies. For some, it 's simply to prove that they 're are not afraid, while others go because they find human suffrage to be amusing when it isn 't real. People who tend to watch horror movies usually don 't scare easy and aren 't put in a nauseous state by the aesthetics of blood. Because of the anticipation built during horror movies before a lengthy display of horror is showed, one can surmise that people who enjoy horror movies enjoy exciting things that may scare others like roller …show more content…
The individuals that give away a portion of their emolument to see these films love thrillers. Unlike horror movie fans, they don 't want the thrill to lead to fear, but rather a series of events that will either give them an adrenaline rush or leave them in awe. Action movies are geared more so towards men and women who enjoy the sight of violence. It capture the attention of the viewer with the creation of characters who have little problem with punishing their enemies with pain. The fans of the action and adventure movies are one of the most diverse films as gender roles have become decreasing factor in detailing which movies females should like to watch.

Movies have been around for over a century and has become one of America 's greatest past times. Every day thousands of people come together and go the movie theaters with the intent of being entertained. Within the theaters, there are screenings of movie from all genres, and the movies that people watch can tell you a lot about the viewer, making films an especially unique art

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