Subgenre Of Farce Analysis

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Comedy is a genre, or distinct category, of the diverse world of film. However, comedy itself is not a single entity; it is composed of multiple subgenres that all contribute to one goal: to make the audience laugh. Multiple subgenres exist in film comedy, and an important one to discuss is the subgenre of farce—specifically sex farce. As defined by Michael Tueth’s film analysis in his book Reeling with laughter, the sex farce subgenre is characterized by absurd and overly exaggerated scenarios; a plot that has high amounts of risk; plot twists; quick pacing with the resolution; witty humor; stereotypical character types; role-reversals, such as gender-swapping; and the reliance of misunderstandings, secrets, and disguises (94). A classic example …show more content…
Both Some Like It Hot and White Chicks incorporates the idea of androgyny, simultaneously being a male and female, as Brandon French describes (On the Verge of Revolt, 138). For example, the main characters’ transformation as women show that masculinity and femininity exist as a “sliding scale”. In Some Like It Hot, masculinity is symbolized by the presence of gangsters, alcohol, and guns, while femininity is symbolized by the girls’ band, love, and the music itself. In White Chicks, masculinity is symbolized by FBI agents, and fighting, while femininity is symbolized by shopping, clothes, and love as well. The main characters of the two films exist in both extremes. Furthermore, both films have the theme of idealism and reality. For example, both Sugar and Denise dream of meeting a decent, sensitive, and rich man; however, they end up falling in love with the opposite. Furthermore, this theme can also be explored through the characters’ transformation as women as well. People around them perceive them to be women, but they are not. The two films are arguably a stand for feminism. The central male characters must experience what it is like as a woman. In Some Like It Hot, Joe realizes the pain that Sugar feels being treated by men like himself, and he wants to change for her. In White Chicks, Marcus realizes his neglect of Gina through his interactions as Tiffany, and he realizes that everything she does for him is because of love. The films reveal “the unwanted sexual overtures, male voyeurism, and the constraints and pleasures of feminine culture” to male audiences (Tueth 90). Aside from being sex farce comedies, both Some Like It Hot and White Chicks are very

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