The Dangers Of Gun Control Essay

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The Dangers of Guns

Do you ever think about how quickly your life can be taken by a simple shot from a handgun? Do you know many innocent lives are taken daily by guns? Death by a gun is a huge ordeal in America. Thus far in 2015, according to the Gun Violence Archive, 10,843 deaths have occurred all over the Unites States due to gun violence. The number of children killed, ages 0-11, due to a handgun has reached 583 deaths. Today, many people have access to guns. Some who own a gun use it for protection in a time of need, while some others abuse the right of owning a gun. Many people will agree that it is acceptable to own a handgun in case of an emergency, but little do people know that not all handgun owners are in the right state of mind.

Why should one have to live in a world where they are afraid someone will pull a gun on them? Nobody deserves to live a life in fear. This topic is relevant to all. Americans need a better education on gun laws. Although the second Amendment in the Bill of Rights is, “the right to bear arms”, Americans should try and enforce stricter gun laws because having easy access to purchasing a handgun can put many lives in danger. It is not the gun itself, it is the person behind the trigger. Also with that, better mental evaluations and stronger background checks should occur when an individual decides to purchase a handgun. Gun laws are reason to which many violent crimes happen in America, and the best way to resolve the issue is to…

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