Vegetarianism: Why Do People Eat Animals?

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In today’s society, people eat meat on a regular basis, but never stop to think where this meat came from and how. They’ve grown a habit of eating meat because of taste, convenience, and tradition. People don’t acknowledge, what they are consuming or wearing. They don’t realize the health risk of consuming meat, and the horrifying conditions animals are subjected through. People think being a vegetarian or vegan is either too much work or it’s not as delicious as meat. A vegetarian is a person who doesn’t eat any animal meat but tend to eat eggs, dairy products, or other products that contain animal. A vegan also doesn’t consume animal meat but separating the two apart is vegans don’t consume or use anything from an animal. People shouldn’t …show more content…
People believe animals have no rights because they cannot speak or defend themselves. Yet, some animals like our pets are protected because of the sentimental interests of people(). Animals are subjected to severe pain and death because people consider it to be okay, as long as no one cares or sees them. In factory farms, livestock are kept in cramped spaces so they can hardly move and walk in their own waste(). Animals are treated as lesser beings and thought of as clueless creatures that are unaware of their surroundings. This is not true at all. Animals have feelings and are not oblivious to what’s happening. They hear the screams and cries of another being killed, frightening them thinking they’ll be next. Even sea creatures like dolphins, turtles, and sharks have rights. They are caught in nets and humans only take what they need which is very little then throws them back into the ocean, helpless. Animal experiments cause pain to the animals involved. They are used to test products and newly developed medications(). If humans want to test products or medication, they should test on other humans which would show the best results of any side effects. It’s morally wrong to put animals through the suffering for the experiment to not even benefit humans. Humans don’t even consider the rights of an animal. For example, In 1997 Dr Jay Vacanti and his team grew an ear on the back of a mouse(). A mouse does not need to grow an ear on it’s back, it will not benefit the mouse in any way. During experiments, animals are infected with diseases they normally would never contract. They are subjected to being force-fed chemicals, having multiple surgeries conducted on them and even forced to suffer seizures. After enduring the long and painful procedures, they are put back into their cage without painkillers(). There are videos of animals quivering when someone passes their cage,

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