Humans And Animals: The Benefits Of Animal Rights

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There is no doubt that in todays society we strive to protect every individual from harm, forming/maintaing laws and keeping rights. When someone is arrested, even if they have committed a crime or serious offense, the authority’s duties is to protect the person under arrest and the society around them. To accomplish this, officers have a ser procedier enforing the indivudal of their rights; miranda rights. The authority tries it’s best so that every individual feels safe within their living environment and community so that everyone is treated humanely. Now, what about animals, are rights applicable to animals as well? Animals are living beings after all just like us humans and it is pretty obvious that most animals demonstrate emotion and pain just like humans. Animals should definitely have some sort of protection but what are the limits to this protection. Humans and animals are clearly not the same species and it is obvious that humans are much more complex and above animals as species, but they are lving …show more content…
Yet we still justify the cruelty of animal experimentation with the benefits that are gained. An example of how animal experimentation has bennifitted humans is best explained by Fisher when he states, “Animal experimentation involving manipulations such as the surgical placement of a fistula in the wall of the rumen to enable sampling of its contents, led to the control of bloat with anti-foaming agents, a technology used to control bloat in the dairy industry” (645). In this case the good that is being done is resolving the issue of bloat in the anti-foaming agent and the pain or discomfort of any animals are now justified because it is for the better of our species and the humans will always come first and animals

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