The Dangers Of Drinking And Driving Essay

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Imagine yourself getting into your car after a great time at a friends party. You put the keys into the ignition, fix your chair, and adjust your mirrors before you 're off and away back to your house. However, something seems rather off. It’s probably due to the fact that you are intoxicated from the boos at your friend’s. You decide then to drive anyway while you back yourself out of the driveway and onto the road. Before you know it, you see the red and blue flashing lights in your rear view mirror, and suddenly realize that you 're in trouble. Now many people know that drinking and driving is very illegal, especially in the state of Iowa, but many don’t know what the consequences when you make such actions which include your own consequences , having an accident with injuries to other people, and even consequences to police officers and first responders if they get caught too. There are many unpleasant outcomes when dealing with driving while intoxicated, which just gives us another reason not to drink and drive and to instead be safe on the road.
Think to a time when you have been grounded by your parents and now picture it being ten times worse when getting caught driving intoxicated. When you first get into a funk when drinking and driving, you’ll get what’s called a OWI. A OWI stands for “Operating While Intoxicated”, or it could go by DUI which stands for, “ Driving Under The Influence”. Now for the first OWI you will receive according to Iowa Law, you will spend at…

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