Argumentative Essay On Breastfeeding In Public

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Some people believe that women are showing too much skin and are degrading themselves by breastfeeding in public. They believe that a woman’s husband is the only person who should see that much of her body. Some people say that seeing women breastfeed in public makes them feel uncomfortable. They believe that women should go in to the restroom to breastfeed their child. Some say that breastfeeding mothers should stay at home to prevent anyone from seeing them breastfeed in public. People say that it makes them sick to their stomach to see a woman breastfeeding in a restaurant while they are trying to eat. Some don’t want their children seeing a woman breastfeed her child in public. YouTube sensation Kristina Kuzmic states, very sarcastically …show more content…
The way women dress is just their way of expressing themselves and being proud of her body, but God forbid a woman trying to feed her hungry child. Women are being accused of being attention hungry just because their child is hungry. Women who wear short skirts and low cut tops are not seeking attention at all. Children have the right to eat, and mothers have the right to feed them. Abbie Goldbas states “Breastfeeding is advantageous for mothers, babies, and society in general. The United Nations and WHO, among others, have declared breastfeeding a human right: a right for the woman to breastfeed and the right of the child to be breastfed as part of his or her right to optimal nutrition (Haight & Ortiz, 2014).” A newborn child has to eat every two hours. Most women have many things to keep them busy throughout the day such as cooking, cleaning, a husband to take care of, and maybe even older children to watch after. It is nearly impossible for a wife to stay home twenty four seven with a family and household to take care of. Many people say “well a new mother can pump and bring their milk with them if they ever need to go out, to prevent anyone from seeing them breastfeed in public”. The breast pump and all of the other things needed to pump breastmilk are all so expensive, and could confuse the child. Nipple confusion is a very serious issue for nursing mothers. Having to tote all of that equipment around each time a breastfeeding mother goes out is a hassle as

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