Why Are We Still So Squeamish About Breastfeeding Essay

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The article entitled “Why Are We Still So Squeamish About Breastfeeding” by Kelly Wallace speaks on how we constantly hear about stories of women being asked to cover up or even asked to leave certain public places such as restaurants, stores, etc. when they happen to be breastfeeding their child. She goes on to mention a particular incident that occurred that got national attention. A mother in Beverly Hills was escorted to the bathroom at an Anthropologie store when she was breastfeeding her six week old child. The mother then took to social media to express her outrage over the incident. Many others caught wind of it and more than 100 women staged a “nurse in” at the store as protest. Another “nurse in” was taken place in Oregon after a mother was asked to cover up while she was breastfeeding her child. Wallace goes on to mention how in both of the cases mentioned the reactions were mixed. There were many who were upset over the fact that the mothers were treated that way and even went as far to pointing out the laws that are in place in California and Oregon that states women are allowed to breastfeed in public or private locations with the exception to someones private home. But, there were also many who voiced that they were anti breastfeeding in public. Wallace goes on to say that “It’s not about what’s legal, it’s more about what’s right” (CNN,2014). As discussed in lecture and also mentioned in the movie watched entitled “Breastmilk”, is that breastfeeding makes…

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