The Curriculum And Development Cycle Essay

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In order to support the HISD curriculum and development cycle the lab will be the main resource for teachers to fulfill the prescribed cycle’s curriculum. (HISD, n.d.) Technical needs and audience-specific policies must be outlined for each student group that will be utilizing the computer lab, namely elementary students in kindergarten through fifth grade, middle school students in grades six through eight, high school students in grades nine through twelve, and adult students seeking their General Education Development certificate or participating in other adult education courses. The needs of HISD teachers, administrators, and other school staff must also be taken account of in identifying the specific needs for the computer lab.
At the elementary level, this group of students in kindergarten through fifth grade starts with needing a basic understanding of computer hardware, software, websites and an introduction to digital citizenship. They will utilize the iPads in the beginning and continue with demonstrating knowledge on operating systems, using office suite software, fair use, and some basic troubleshooting. Besides the computer related instruction, there are programs that assist students in different subjects like Assessment and Learning in Knowledge Spaces (ALEKS) for math, and others in which the students will need access to computers. The lab will provide the hardware and software needed for this group to grasps these concepts and practice them.
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