The Culture And Social Bond Essay

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The culture and social bond come from the people who live in the community. The cultural influence the recruitment of employees can be very profitable in the long run. This is key when recruiting in many communities outside of the United States. Every individual is made of Desoxyribonucleic Acid (DNA), organizations have their cultural DNA makeup. The cultural content, assumptions, belief, and values change with training, time, and growth. By creating a high-performance workforce across the organization on all cultural differences can be the strength of any company. “Literature is showing that companies that are the most diverse are more successful overall” (Abdullah, A. 200).
One of the ways to bridging the gaps when salaries are not as attractive is to provide other befits: based on the location. These benefits must not exceed what the organization can afford. As the organization began recruiting members of the team, it is vital to have the correct personal. Hiring the wrong people for the job can be very costly. Starting with the leadership team who will be expected to train and set standard for all stakeholders. Positive leadership in an international setting is key to strong productions and partnerships globally Training leadership team members as in cultural diversity can inspire the team to new heights.
There is no one concept nor behavior pattern for any cultural organization structure. Keeping employees focused on the goals and mission for the overall success of…

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