The Cuban Healthcare System Has Gone Through Many Changes Over The Years

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The Cuban healthcare system has gone through many changes over the years. Going through several reforms along side its government along with economical crisis like the cold war, U.S embargo and transitioning to a communistic government. This meant the government was taking full accountability over the healthcare system. Due to the government taking over all previous private owned practices it closed them all down ending a private healthcare system in Cuba from which it had inherited from its colonizer in Spain. All starting after the Cuban revolution when Cuba started the transition to the modern day healthcare system after its crisis it had had throughout the soviets influence.

After the Cuban revolution Cuba’s health care system was considered one of the top healthcare systems in the world. The mortality rate was of one the lowest in the world. Along with such a low mortality rate Cuba also had a high doctor per capita rate. This meant that more doctors where available to the population. Even though they had experienced doctors Cuba’s healthcare was centered on urban areas instead of the rural area. After Cuba’s revolution in the 1950’s Cuba began doing away with discriminatory healthcare practices to convert over to public health care facilities. In doing so cuba lost a lot of its experienced health care professionals. “Of the 6,300 physicians in Cuba in 1959, only 3,433 remained in 1967, many having left principally for the United States and…

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