The Cross Symbol Of Hope Essay

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The Cross Symbol of Hope

The early Church seldom openly displayed the cross: for the first three centuries,

Christians were persecuted and put to death simply for being Christian. Now believers are

able to view what had formerly been a scandal in a new and more revelatory light.

Characteristically, the cross was now presented as a sign of Christ’s ultimate triumph

over death. It is the instrument of His death and the symbol of our redemption.

Have you ever wondered what it is that keeps us from just letting go? I mean from

the time we were little, we cling to what we know and have comfort in. Much like a

child in it’s mother’s arms or on a little blanket being drug around the floor. We cling to

what we think keeps us safe. Little do we know, those things hold no long term

protection. While a mother can protect her child, feed and clothe him. Provide for that

child, give him a warm embrace on a tough day, she can’t protect him forever. And as

far as the blanket goes, with all the slobber and other things we won’t mention, it won’t

be able to keep the child warm forever. But the warmth and hope that the cross of Jesus

brings, you can hold on to that forever. The Psalmist wrote “But I will hope continually,

and will yet praise thee more and more.” Psalm 71:14 (KJV)

The cross of Jesus is the symbol of faith when we represent the theological virtues.

However, when we see the symbol of hope, the anchor, we can…

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