The Cross Cultural Challenges Faced By Modern Management Essay

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This essay is a literature based discussion of the cross-cultural challenges faced by modern management. It begins with a theoretical discussion of various leadership styles adapted by managers in regards to their respective characteristics, merits, and drawbacks. Then followed by a discussion of cultural specific leadership traits observed in Laos, Chinese, and Nigerian cultures, which are presenting in my student team. Moreover, the objective of this essay is to relate relevant leadership, management, and cross-cultural models to highlight how cross-cultural issues can arise and how such could be effectively dealt with. The ultimate of the essay will discuss the leader approaches that have been applied to our team.
Literature review
According to Goetsch and Davis (2012), leadership styles can be in general charismatic, authentic, or transformational. In particular, a charismatic leader typically excels in motivating their followers by demonstrating their personal charisma that is inspirational. In the meantime, a charismatic leader often is observed to be confident and has outstanding communication skills (Daft and Pirola-Merlo, 2009). At the same time, a transformational leader resembles many quality of a charismatic one: in this case, the personalities of leaders are the vital factors contributing to their leadership ability. Besides that, a transformational leadership style excels in terms of transforming the leadership quality from the leader onto their…

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