The Criminal System Deeply Intrigues Me Essay

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Crime has been with us as a race from the start on mankind and so have those who aim to stop it, I am one of those. This is why I want to study criminology because I am fascinated with the minds of criminals and how to stop these people. My strong desire to solve and study crimes began at a young age when I was introduced to the one and only James Bond. In retrospect James Bond was a glorafied assassin and that is not my goal, however I want to serve the justice that James Bond did for the good of the world.It intrigues me because even though some of the stuff I could solve and prevent would never be common knowledge and I might not be praised by people millions the knowing that I saved one person makes me happy because I know through the degree in criminal justice and stopping crimes helping one person get less hurt or avoid it all together can change and affect multiple people entire families, and communities.

The workings of the criminal system deeply intrigues me, I find it fascinating the only thing that keeps me interesting and I really enjoy learning about it. I want to do something that allows me to wake up in the morning and think I can’t wait to learn or go to work today instead of seeing work as a chore I want to use it as a motif of my life. My raw exposure to criminal justice began when I took a university course in Criminal Justice, this class further cement the idea of criminal justice in my mind not just being a dream and showed me what I had to deal…

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