Essay On Criminal Psychology

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Criminal Psychology

Criminal psychology is the study of the intentions and behaviours of criminals. Criminologists apply psychology to crime in order for them to uncover the criminals reasoning for committing the crime. This is not a job that many people know about but I believe that it is a very important job so that the police and other agencies have information about what and who they are dealing with. I had a short limited amount of prior knowledge about this topic but from researching it further I have accumulated much more information and have created 3 key questions that I will be exploring. First I will be analysing the question How can criminal psychology help the criminal justice system and other agencies deal with
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Psychologists study human behaviour, so when psychology is applied to crime they study the reasonings of why the criminal executed the felony. As stated by The University of Brighton website, psychology helps criminal justice agencies discover why people make criminal decisions and how to prevent them. This information tells us that applied psychology is a very important aspect of uncovering why criminals behave certain ways. From these examples it is clear to see that applied psychology to crime helps with discovering the thoughts and behaviours of the …show more content…
I have come to a conclusion that although this job could seem a bit unneeded and unnecessary, I believe after researching that it could come in handy especially to those that are apart of agencies like the criminal justice system because jobs like this can help the agencies discover intentions behind criminal behaviour. Using the reports written by the criminal psychologist can determine the nature of the crime and whether it was

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