The Crime Within The United States Essay

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The crime to neighborhood paradigm in the United States is a much more simple compared to neighborhoods in other countries. Crime in American neighborhoods can usually be traced back to population income, location, and ethnic makeup. For example, there are a total of 26 Latin American countries diverse from the national flag to their language but collectively they are responsible for over thirty percent of the murders in the world. In March of 2014 The World Bank conducted an interview with a security expert in relation to Latin America and its reputation for egregious acts such as murder. The expert (who is anonymous) states that, “Within cities, crime is heavily concentrated in certain neighborhoods or hot zones and even within specific blocks. U.S. studies have demonstrated that up to half of all crimes can be focused within 1% of city blocks and 70% of all crimes within 5%. The same trend is seen in Latin America. But what is even more troubling is that the main victims of homicide are young, low-income men who live in marginalized communities. With over 50,000 homicides annually, Brazil, for example, accounts for more than 30% of all homicides in the region. Of these, more than half are young people, and nearly 80% are Afro-Brazilian. A similar situation occurs in other countries in the region (Ojea, 2014).” The entire 26 Latin American countries share the same theme when it comes to what exactly causes these crimes and where they are committed.. The trend is as…

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