Illegal Immigrants In Latin America

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Historically, various people have been migrating from one country to another to better their life and searching for hospitable place to live. Yet when European countries started to journey around the world searching for a new world to expand their power and territory. One of their greatest discoveries was America, which shift the political power from Europe to America. The great amount of natural resources and untouched lands has attracted other European countries interest as well. However, the Europeans did not just settle for finding a new world, yet they get rid of the natives for they can take over the lands and resources. The European appearance in America has tremendous effect on the life of Latinos. They become more dependent to their European colonizers because they were excluded from economic prosperity. The domination and the aggressive involvement of the US in the region impacted other Latin America countries economy to disable. Therefore, several people started immigrating to the big cities of the US fleeing starvation and poverty.
The Europeans have colonized vast part of the world for several years treating natives as slaves and often committing genocide. Above all, the
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However, Latinos were working in agricultural and low paying jobs that other American workers do not have the audacity to work. In fact, if the US deported all illegal immigrant workers form the states there would be a shortage of supplies to meet the demand, especially, the cost of food would be unaffordable or costly. The other main factor for Latinos to emigrated to the US was the exploitation of workers in their homeland by corporate US companies who employed several Latino workers with lower wages in exchange for their hard labor. Most Hispanics immigrants came to the US with the intention to go back to their homeland but they end up staying for unintended of

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