The Costs And Fees Of College Education Essay

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The costs and fees of college education in the U.S. has risen dramatically over the decades. These cost risen high enough to the point where students are estimated to be in thousands of dollars of debt as soon as they graduate college. With a growing competitive job market and with more people attending universities across the nation, it has become much more difficult for men and women to pay off their student debt. Due to the major growth in college tuition and costs, it has become one of the major topics politics. One of the products of the public’s outcry for college affordability is the College for All Act. Introduced by Senator Bernie Sanders, the bill aims to eliminate the tuition and required costs associated with attending public colleges. The College for All Act illustrates the importance of government involvement in citizen’s higher education.
As of today, the costs of tuition and student debt that a student has is higher than it ever was before and will continue to increase. Over the past few years, college tuition and costs has risen. In recent studies, the average tuition and fees in public four-year colleges have increased dramatically over the past few years. According to Danielle Kutzleben of US News, she reported that in a 2003 to 2013 study that tuition in four-year public colleges in the United States have increased by almost 80%.(1) She had also mentioned that the college tuition increase has outpaced overall percentage of price growth from other…

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