The Cost Of The Death Penalty Essay

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The cost of the death penalty averages around 1.26 million dollars an inmate (Costs of the Death Penalty). The actual execution process is cheaper than the cost of keeping a prisoner in jail. Most of the expenses when it comes to the death penalty happen in court, because it is a capital case. Capital cases are much more complicated than non-capital cases, it’s expensive because highly regarded doctors are needed along with a special jury. When you realize how serious of an issue the death penalty is, it opens up your eyes into seeing why it is such a long process. Case hearings are heard by at least three assistant attorneys general, three attorneys for the inmate, the prison 's warden, the director of the department of Rehabilitation and Correction, counsel and judge (Costs of the Death Penalty). The hearings can last from a couple hours to multiple days and all those people are paid by either the state or the federal government. If you were to ask random people in public if they knew this much of their tax payer money is going to the death penalty in america, they would be unaware and shocked when they found out. As taxpayers in this country we should be more aware where our tax payer money is going and making sure it is used correctly.
Since 1994, The U.S. has encountered an issue with jails becoming overcrowded because lack of room, and seasonal crime up rises. Prisons around America exceed the official capacity, when prison cells are overcrowded the inmates aren 't…

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